Virtual Folk College 2021 Handouts


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Saturday, May 29, 2021


10:00-11:00 Workshops

Henry Koretzky

Jamming is a social event where we all play our instruments together. Henry will give tips to get you started.


No handouts for this workshop


Simple Gifts

Learn a few interesting tunes in minor keys.

We'll work by ear with music available if needed.


Betsy Likens

Female Sailor

Kol Dodi



11:15-12:15 pm Workshops

Judy Minot

Tips on how to practice from a music practice expert who just released the book "Best Practice".


Best Practice Workshop


Aubrey & Elwood


Intro to Arranging Songs & Tunes Workshop

Arranging Songs

Hangman's Reel

Hush Be Still

Hush Be Still audio file

I've Been a Foreign Lander

I've Got a Mother Gone to Glory

Jamestown Homeward Bound

Spanish Lady




2:15-3:15 pm Workshops

Henry Koretzky



Crested Hens

Johnny's Gone to France

Minor Swing


Aubrey & Elwood


Intro to Harmony Singing Workshop

Our Thoughts on Harmony Singing

A Mother's Last Words

Five Hundred Miles

Love Is Little

Pretty Saro

The Peace Round

Who Will Sing For Me



3:30-4:00 pm Workshops

Simple Gifts

Whether you're a beginner contemplating playing for friends or a professional prepping for a big gig, this workshop will have something for you.


Performance Tips

Henry Koretzky


Handouts to follow



4:45-5:20 pm Student-Run Workshops

Laura Alexander

Balfolk is a vibrant musical and dance tradition in France and surrounding countries. Many of the tunes are simple to play. Sheet music will be provided.

Michael Carr

This introductory songwriting workshop will offer a hands-on lyric-writing experience and will serve as a springboard into creating memorable melodies. The use of journal prompts and journal therapy tools will be used extensively in our time together.


An Introduction to Songwriting




5:25-5:55 pm Student-Run Workshops

Bowed Psaltery - Linda Littleton

Autoharp - Larry Mutti

Mountain Dulcimer - Dianne Bowser

Hammer Dulcimer - Ken Sharp

Ukulele - TBD


All of these instruments are fairly easy to play. You’ll get to hear each one, get tips for how to start on it, and hear the pros and cons of playing each instrument.


List of Dulcimer Clubs

Mountain Dulcimer Resources



6:00-6:35 pm Student-Run Workshops

Janet Leise

How to use music performance to connect and interact with audiences from preschoolers to seniors, with emphasis on adaptations for those with special needs. sFor vocalists and instrumentalists.

Phil Capp

Expand your knowledge of chords and learn to play using the entire fretboard of your guitar.


No handouts for this workshop