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Begin your weekend with an intensive workshop that will energize and prep you for what is sure to be a memorable and fun few days. Each class offers an opportunity to spend a three-hour block of time with a respected master teacher exploring a topic in depth. Class size is limited and a separate registration is required. Master classes are held just before the start of Folk College.


Master Class Cost & Registration Information

• Master Classes are from 10am – 1pm Friday, May 26

Separate registration and fee required

• Class size is limited – reserve your spot early!

• Registration fee: $65, includes lunch immediately following





Taught by Happy Traum


In this intensive class, we'll unravel the mysteries of the steady-bass thumb-and-finger styles used by blues and country pickers as well as by innumerable folk singer/songwriters. A wide range of songs and styles will be taught, along with exercises and pointers to improve your playing skills. For all levels beyond beginner.




Taught by Adam Broome from Maivish


We'll retune our guitars to DADGAD, then through a look at melody and harmonic construction, we will explore scale and chord relationships specific to DADGAD tuning. With this foundation we will move on to techniques that develop solid rhythmic and lyrical playing for accompaniment. For all levels beyond beginner. Prior experience with DADGAD tuning is not required. For all levels beyond beginner.



Taught by Jaige Trudel from Maivish


Take your fiddling into new territory. In this intensive we examine how we play, taking technique to a level that is highly nuanced and expanding our command of the instrument while setting our aim on cultivating freedom, clarity and lyricism. For all levels beyond beginner.



Taught by Brandon Worder Smith from The Appleseed Collective


The mandolin is a wonderful little instrument that can do so much with melody, rhythm, and backup. We'll explore techniques and approaches to make your playing shine. For all levels beyond beginner.



Taught by Matthew Olwell from Maivish


You'll learn technique and repertoire with an emphasis on musicality and communication skills. While wooden flute technique from the Irish tradition will serve as our foundation, other styles and repertoire such as New England and Québécois dance music can also be explored. For all levels beyond beginner.



Taught by Chris Ousley from Bumper Jacksons


For those interested in exploring the next step of ukulele playing, we'll look at chords, theory, strumming and improvising to get the most out of your uke. For all levels beyond beginner.


Taught by Anna and Elizabeth


Learn to create and sing harmonies. We'll look at common pitfalls and strategies to finding harmony parts and work on blending and listening as well as some basic vocal techniques. For all levels.



Taught by John Lilly


Immerse yourself in the art of songwriting with an award-winning singer-songwriter! We will explore lyric and melody writing, as well as ideas that will help the creative process, looking at a wide variety of skills, tools, and strategies that will enhance your songwriting. For all levels.




Taught by Alex Lacquement from Bumper Jacksons


In this special workshop designed for advanced beginners, we'll address skills that will help you get more out of the weekend. We'll particularly look at how to learn tunes by ear, how to jam, how to play backup, how to play melody, and how to play well with other musicians. For advanced beginner level.