Folk College:
May 26-28, 2023

Jamming •   Singing •  Dancing

• A fun & friendly weekend of playing & hearing folk music

• Warm, welcoming, and fun

• Small workshop sizes for an intimate music camp

• Pick up an instrument and rekindle your love of music

• Plenty to do for musicians of all levels

• Lots for non-musicians too

• Located on a beautiful college campus in the mountains of Pennsylvania


Saturday, January 7, 2023 in Huntingdon, PA

Here is your opportunity to get a small sampling of Folk College! Come spend a glorious musical day with Simple Gifts and friends, jamming, hearing music, and getting a one-day Taste of Folk College.

Details here.

Folk College was founded to help more people learn to play music together. It is a non-competitive environment where you can kindle—or rekindle—your love of playing through folk music. Each year the staff includes nationally known musicians and wonderfully nurturing teachers from a broad spectrum of folk styles. Within one weekend, you’ll have a choice of workshops ranging from old time to Celtic to blues to international, and you’ll get to sing, dance, play, and listen.


Many workshops, with subjects like “Learning to Jam,” “Tunes that are Cooler Than They are Hard,” and “How to Play by Ear” are designed to encourage musicians who have been “stuck in their living room,” haven't picked up their instrument since high school, or maybe just wanted to play an instrument but never dared!


From “Try a Banjo” and “Try a Fiddle” to “Beginning Harmonica” and “Beginning Jaw Harp” and “Fun & Easy Percussion,” there are workshops designed for the total non-musician in mind.


Folk Colelge has workshops for Intermediate & advanced musiciansIn addition to workshops geared toward beginners and non-musicians, there's plenty of interest for the intermediate and advanced musician. Folk College participants return year after year and many are teachers and performers in their own right. Whether you explore a new genre, take home a new concept, or jam with an erhu, musicians of all levels will discover many gems at Folk College.


The culmination of the weekend’s activities is the Student Bands Concert. You’ll choose from an eclectic list of options and be coached by a professional musician in that genre. Or if you're attending Folk College with your own band, you can request to be coached together. Most participants agree that the Student Band experience is what makes Folk College unique, and certainly an audience of your peers is one of the most appreciative you'll ever have!


Each evening features a staff concert followed by staff-led jam sessions that many people have said are the best jams they've attend all year. Saturday after the concert, there’s a contradance with an open band. And the finale on Sunday is the Student Bands Concert – so you’ll go home with a warm, fuzzy feeling.


Single and double rooms are available in the dorms at Juniata College.

Hotels, bed & breakfasts and camping are available nearby.
Information is available from the Huntingdon County Visitors Bureau.


We have a meal plan through Juniata College's excellent dining services. They offer a number of options for each meal, both for meat eaters and vegetarians. The meal plan covers Friday supper, Saturday breakfast, lunch and supper, and Sunday breakfast and lunch.

There is a local Sheetz convenience store minutes from campus, as well as other dining options in the town of Huntingdon.


So go ahead and browse these pages and be sure to check us out on Facebook. You'll get a sense of how people feel about Folk College, and you'll understand why they keep coming back. We hope you'll join us!



The open contradance band gives musicians the opportunity to play with others.Folk College is a project of Simple Gifts and the Huntingdon County Arts Council,  supported in part by a grant from Pennsylvania Council of the Arts.



Mark your calendar for:

Greenwood Furnace Folk Gathering

September 8-10, 2023


Greenwood Furnace Folk Gathering is a musical event in September put together by the same folks who bring you Folk CollegeOur sister festival, Greenwood Furnace Folk Gathering, is a weekend of music workshops, jamming, concerts and dancing at Greenwood Furnace State Park in Central Pennsylvania. Musicians of all levels as well as non-musicians who wish to listen, try an instrument or pick up a dance step or two, are invited to participate in workshops designed and led by professional instructors.


The Greenwood Furnace Folk Gathering is organized by the same people that bring you Folk College. A special focus of the Folk Gathering is Pennsylvania's musical traditions, and each year we honor a Pennsylvania Heritage Musician to celebrate their contribution to the musical heritage of our state.


Both festivals need volunteers. Full or partial scholarships are available in exchange for helping with the festivals. Please click the links above for details and how to apply.