Begin your weekend with an intensive workshop that will energize and prep you for what is sure to be a memorable and fun few days. Each class offers an opportunity to spend a three-hour block of time with a respected master teacher exploring a topic in depth. Class size is limited and a separate registration is required. Intensive classes are held just before the start of Folk College.


The 2022 schedule will be announced in the near future.



This is the a previous Schedule for Your Review
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This is the a previous Schedule for Your Review
Check back for the 2022 schedule


Intensive Class Cost & Registration Information

• Intensive Classes are from 10am – 1pm Friday, May 22

Separate registration and fee required

• Class size is limited – reserve your spot early!

• Registration fee: $65, includes lunch immediately following




Taught by Andrew Brown of Appleseed Collective

Tips and techniques for getting the most out of your guitar playing, including left-hand techniques to make your playing more fluid, approaches to chord playing, and a solid look at rhythm, phrasing, timing, and expression. Music will be taught by ear and from tablature.

For intermediate/advanced guitarists.


Taught by Vidar Skrede

Learn the fiddle styles of the Nordic countries from a native of Norway. We'll look at rhythms, styles, harmonies, and ornamentation of these styles, and you'll have a chance to try a Norwegian Hardanger fiddle.

For intermediate/advanced fiddlers.


Taught by Brandon Worder-Smith of Appleseed Collective

The mandolin is a wonderful little instrument that can do so much with melody, rhythm, and backup. Study with Brandon Smith, a veteran mandolin and fiddle player with the award-winning band Appleseed Collective. We'll explore techniques and approaches to make your playing really shine.

For all levels beyond beginner.


Taught by Cathy Fink

We'll look at various approaches to the frailing stroke, explore drop-thumb styles, and experiment with different banjo tunings. You'll learn to accompany traditional dance tunes and songs and pick out melodies and solos.

For all levels beyond beginner.


Taught by Marcy Marxer

his workshop will take your ukulele playing to the next level as Marcy shares tips and techniques for playing this wonderful little instrument. We'll look at chords, theory, strumming and improvising to get the most out of your uke.

For all levels beyond beginner.


Taught by Richard Sleigh

We'll touch on all aspects of singing and playing the blues, including

theory, improvisation, chord patterns and stylistic approaches. You'll

have a clear path for finding your own way to sing and play the blues by

the end of the session.

For all instruments and voices, all levels beyond beginner.


Taught by Judy Minot

We'll explore simple yet effective ways to use the piano in folk music. You'll learn to play chords and to “strum” along to your favorite songs, just like a folk guitarist does. Playing chords on the piano follows a simple formula, unlike guitar chords which come in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t take long to learn how to develop simple chordal accompaniment into something that will make you sound like you’ve been playing the piano for years. With these skills you will learn to play and sing your favorite songs, accompany a singer, or join in a jam! This class does not require a lick of note reading. Please bring a keyboard and headphones, or contact us if you need to borrow.

For all levels beyond beginner.


Taught by Ellis Delaney

Learn to approach your songwriting with an undefended heart. Ellis will share her songwriting processes and the many strategies she uses to generate and explore song ideas. She will help you prime your brain and open your heart to support creativity and identify and utilize strengths you have that you may not always see to keep those songs coming!

For all levels.


Taught by Simple Gifts

In this special workshop designed for advanced beginners of all instruments, we'll address basic folk music skills that will help you get the most out of the weekend. We'll particularly look at how to learn tunes by ear, how to jam, how to play backup, how to play melody, and how to play well with other musicians. Simple Gifts, the creators and hosts of Folk College, are well-known for their fun and inclusive, yet powerful, workshops and teaching style.