Taste of Folk College


Want a simple Taste of Folk College?


Here is your opportunity.

This one-day event will be held for free (donation requested) on Saturday, January 5, 2019. It will be a new location at the American Philatelic Society, 100 Match Factory Place, in Bellefonte, PA, 10 minutes outside of State College.


Taste of Folk College is:

• a fun party with lots of jamming

• a reunion for Folk College and Greenwood Furnace Folk Gathering attendees

• an opportunity for people who haven't been to Folk College and Greenwood Furnace Folk Gathering to see what it's about in a free 1-day event


It's for people who play an instrument, people who wish they played an instrument, and people who just like to listen.


The event runs from 3 to 10 but you're welcome to drop in at any time.

The day will have open jamming and a variety of workshops starting at 3:30 pm.

• 5:30 Open mic, followed by potluck dinner, and a short concert

• 7:30 Jamming, jamming, singing, listening, jamming!


All instruments (guitars, whistles, fiddles, cellos, mandolins, hurdy gurdies, banjos, dulcimers, ukuleles, voices, accordions, keyboards, percussion and things we've forgotten) are welcome!


Bring a dish to share. We'll have places for crock pots and use of the refrigerators. We'll provide beverages and paper products. We ask for a donation (no specific amount) to cover the cost of the space rental and incidentals, with any excess helping to fund Folk College.


If you already know what happens at Folk College, bring a friend with you to share the experience! Show your friends why you come back year after year.


We hope to see you there!


Any questions--call 814/643-6220 or info@folkcollege.com



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