May 26-28, 2023


2023 Faculty

Folk College 2023 Schedule

*Schedule subject to change


Folk College is full of great workshops, concerts, singing and dancing.


Check back for updates.



2=advanced beginner


E=taught by ear
M=sheet music provided
P=instruments provided
D=discussion, no playing


Workshops are for all instruments unless otherwise indicated.


2023 Schedule

The 2023 Schedule has not been announced yet.

Please check back for updates.



Friday, May 26, 2023


10 am - 1 pm Intensive


See Intensive page for Intensive descriptions


Choice of  Intensive Classes:

Taught by Jay Best & Henry Koretzky (Level 1-2, IS)


Taught by members of Buffalo Rose (Level 1-5, S)


Taught by Benedict Turner of Piedmont Bluz (Level 2-5, P)


Taught by Byrce Rabideau of Buffalo Rose (Level 2-5)


Taught by Jeff Berman of Appalasia (Level 2-5)


Taught by Sparrow of Resonant Rogues (Level 3-5)


Taught by Keith Josiah Smith  of Resonant Rogues (Level 3-5)


Taught by Maura Shawn Scanlin of Rakish (Level 3-5)




1:00 pm General Folk College Registration Opens



3:00-4:00 pm Workshops

Shelley Kelley (Level 1, P)


Henry Koretzky & LeAnna Kline (Level 1-5, SI)


Sue Powers (Level 1-5, IS)


Linda Littleton & Karen Hirshon (Level 2, IE)


Nathan Bishop & Tim Ball (Level 2, IM)


Judy Minot (Level 3-4, IM)


Rachel Hall (Level 4-5, IE)

Come learn a few tunes that are super cool and not so hard to play.
Sheet music and chords will be provided.



4:15-5:15 pm Workshops

Benedict Turner (Level 1-2, P)


Valerie Turner (Level 2-5, SE)


Eric Ian Farmer (Level 2, EI)


Judy Minot & Nathan Bishop (Level 2, IE)


Steve Buckalew & Tim Ball (Level 3-5, IM)


Maura Scanlin & Conor Hearn (Level 3-5, IE)


Mimi Jong (Level 3-5, LE)




5:30-6:30 pm Dinner



7:00pm Concert:


After the Concert



11:00pm Late jam at the dorm

Jay Best, Sue Powers & Jeff Berman



Saturday, May 27, 2023




7:30-8:30 am Breakfast



8:45-9:15 am Orientation

Meet the staff, sign up for a folk band, and get oriented as to what’s happening for the rest of the weekend.







9:30-10:45 am Workshops

Jeff Berman (Level 1, P)


Benedict Turner (Level 1, P)


Eric Ian Farmer  (Level 1-3, SE)


Jay Best (Level 2, IE)


Tim Ball (Level 2-3, IE)


Rachel Hall (Level 3-5, IM)


Rakish (Level 4-5, IE)


Resonant Rogues (Level 4-5, IM)


Judy Minot with melody by Steve Buckalew (Level 2-4)


Henry Koretzky (Level 1-5)




11:00-12:15 Workshops

Sue Powers & Jay Best (Level 1, P)


Rachel Hall (Level 1-5, D)


Scott Krug & Henry Koretzky (Level 2-5, S)


Members of Buffalo Rose (Level 1-5, ISE)


Karen Hirshon (Level 2, IE)


Jeff Berman (Level 3-4, IE


Judy Minot & Nathan Bishop (Level 3-4, IM)


Shelley Kelley (Level 3-5, IM)


Mimi Jong (Level 4-5, IE)


Steve Buckalew (1-5)

Sign up at Orientation for a short one-on-one session with Steve. Have a question or issue ready to discuss with him.


12:30-1:30 pm Lunch



1:45-3:00 pm Workshops

Henry Koretzky (Level 1, P)


Members of Buffalo Rose  (Level 1-5, D)


Valerie Turner (Level 1-5, SIE)


Steve Buckalew & Nathan Bishop (Level 2, IE)


Simple Gifts (Level 2-3, IM)


Resonant Rogues (Level 4-5, IE)


Members of Buffalo Rose (Level 4-5, I)


Conor Hearn (Level 2-4, Guitar)


Maura Scanlin (Level 3-5, Fiddle)


Jay Best (Level 1-5)




3:15-4:45 pm

Faculty coaches (1-5, EIMS)

Based on the form you filled out during orientation (Saturday 8:45 am), you’ll be assigned to a band that will rehearse with the help of a staff coach and then perform at Sunday’s Student Concert. There will also be an option to join a non-performing band. Band lists and locations will be posted in Von Leibig Lobby. If you haven’t filled out a folk band form, go to the lobby and we’ll figure out where to fit you in.




5:00-6:00 pm Dinner



7:00 pm Faculty Concert


After the Concert


Judy Minot, Bob Nicholson, Rachel Hall, Nathan Bishop, Tim Ball, & Steve Buckalew (Instruments 3-5, IM)

Play along with the contradance band. Sheet music will be provided.

Dancing might be canceled due to Covid but we will have the band for sure.


With Members of Buffalo Rose


Karen Hirshon, Scott Krug, & Leanna Kline


Piedmont Bluz




11:00 pm Late jam at the dorm

Tim Ball, Nathan Bishop, & Shelley Kelley (Singers 1-5, instruments 3-5)

Stop by the dorm lounge for informal jamming before you roll into bed. Anything you want to play or sing is welcome!



Sunday, May 28, 2023


7:30-8:30 am Breakfast


8:45-10:00 am Workshops

Benedict Turner (Level 1, P)


Diana Wagner & LeAnna Kline (Level 1-5, SI)


Judy Minot (Level 2-5, D)


Rachel Hall & Steve Buckalew (Level 2-5)


Conor Hearn  (Level 2-3, IE)


Shelley Kelley (Level 2-3, IM)


Tim Ball (Level 3-4, IM)


Valerie Turner (Level 4-5, E)


Sparrow Smith (Level 3-5, Banjo)




10:15-11:30 am Workshops

Jay Best & Nathan Bishop (Level 1, P)


Sue Powers & Jeff Berman (Level 1-5, SI)


Shelley Kelley, Mimi Jong, & Rachel Hall (Level 1-5, D)


Members of Buffalo Rose  (Level 2-5)


Henry Koretzky & Steve Buckalew (Level 2-3, SI)


Simple Gifts (Level 3-4, IM)


Maura Scanlin (Level 4-5, IE)


Resonant Rogues (Level 4-5, IE)


Valerie Turner (Level 3-5, E, Guitar)




11:45 am Group Photo

Bring your instrument and smile!


12:00-1:00 pm Lunch


1:15-2:15 pm Band Rehearsal

Another rehearsal with the same band as yesterday


2:30-4:30 pm Student Concert