2020 Faculty

Taste of Folk College


Want a simple Taste of Folk College?


Here is your opportunity! Come spend a glorious musical day with Simple Gifts, Richard Sleigh, and friends, jamming, hearing music, and getting a one-day taste of Folk College.


DATE: Saturday, January 4, 2020


TIME: 3pm to 10pm but drop by anytime


LOCATION: American Philatelic Society, 100 Match Factory Place, Bellefonte, PA (near State College).


COST: FREE! (with donations gratefully accepted)


Taste of Folk College is:

• a fun party with lots of jamming

• an opportunity for people who haven't been to Folk College and Greenwood Furnace Folk Gathering to see what it's about in a free 1-day event

• a reunion for Folk College and Greenwood Furnace Folk Gathering attendees

• a fantastic event for people who play an instrument, people who wish they played an instrument, and people who just like to listen



• 3:30 pm - singing jam, instrumental jam, intro to blues, ear training, try a ukulele (instruments provided)

• 4:30 pm - singing jam, instrumental jam, beginners' jam,  beginning harmonica (inexpensive harmonicas for sale), Basque tunes

• 5:30 pm - potluck, open mic, concert with Simple Gifts and Richard Sleigh

• 7:30 - more jams of many styles, music theory

• 10 pm - cleanup and good-byes


Here is a link to a printed copy of the schedule below:





Workshops led by Simple Gifts, Richard Sleigh, Holly Foy, Betsy Gamble, Scott Elkins, Susan Bowser, RB Powell, Bridget Allen, Jeremy Gamble, Cathy Petrissans, Ken Sharp, Michelle Katz



• Multiple jam rooms with many styles and levels - great for both playing and listening!

• A great place to learn to jam with others - whether you're a beginning or more experienced jammer.

• Swap tunes: learn new ones, get new audiences for your favorites!

• Afternoon workshops give beginners the basics, and help experienced players learn more

• Hang out with musicians, socialize, network (“Where’d you get that tuner?” “What kind of strings do you use?” “What instrument is THAT?”)

• Ever heard a cello play folk music? Ever tried a hammered dulcimer or a bowed psaltery? This could be your chance!



• Your friends and family. Everyone is welcome!

• Instruments of course, and if you're shy about playing with others, bring your instrument anyhow.

• A dish to share for the potluck meal



• We'll provide beverages and paper products. Sorry, no alcohol is allowed.

• We'll have places for crock pots or anything you want to plug in.

• There are no refrigerators, no microwave, no oven, so please bring a dish ready to serve.

• Please bring a serving utensil for your dish, and label dish and utensil with your name.



• 814-643-6220

• info@folkcollege.com