Folk College

May 24-26, 2024

Intensive Classes

Intensive Classes

Begin your weekend with an intensive workshop that will energize and prep you for what is sure to be a memorable and fun few days. Each class offers an opportunity to spend a three-hour block of time with a respected master teacher exploring a topic in depth. Class size is limited and a separate registration is required.

Intensive Class Cost & Registration Information

• Intensive Classes are from 10 am – 1 pm on Friday, May 24
• Separate registration and fee required
• Class size is limited – reserve your spot early!
• Registration fee: $65, includes lunch immediately following (OR $125 for an Intensive Class only WITHOUT a Folk College registration)

Choice of Intensive Classes

Basics for Beginners —  Simple Gifts

In this special workshop designed for beginners and advanced beginners of all instruments, we’ll address basic folk music skills that will help you get the most out of the weekend. We’ll particularly look at how to learn tunes by ear, how to jam, how to play backup, how to play melody, and how to play well with other musicians. 

Singing for All —  Sally Rogers

Singing is the most natural thing in the world, but no matter how well you sing, you can improve with attention and practice. We’ll talk about how to listen, breathe, sing in tune, craft our phrasing, and more. And we’ll sing! 

Guitar Techniques — Micah Nicol from The Ruta Beggers–SOLD OUT

Tips and techniques for getting the most out of your guitar playing, including left-hand techniques to make your playing more fluid, approaches to chord playing, and a solid look at rhythm, phrasing, timing, and expression. For intermediate to advanced players.

Mandolin Techniques — Jean Baptiste Cardineau from The Ruta Beggars

The mandolin is a wonderful little instrument that can do so much with melody, rhythm, and backup. We’ll look at some common problems and pitfalls and learn approaches to make your playing shine. This workshop is for intermediate to advanced mandolin players.

Fiddle Techniques —  Nathan Bishop & Tom Krumm from Midnight on the Water

Technique doesn’t need to be scary! This class is a safe space to air your fiddle grievances, problematic tunes, and unending questions about the bow. You’ll leave with newfound knowledge on how to tackle your fiddle hang-ups and a set of warmups to keep you in tip-top condition. For intermediate to advanced players.

Cello — Dani Hawkins from Midnight on the Water

As cellists, we are the ultimate musical chameleons walking a bass line, bowing long tones, strumming like a guitar, and chopping rhythms like a drummer. We will look at how to use the tools the cello has in its wheelhouse to accompany or lead in any type of musical situation. For all levels beyond beginner.

Bass — Noah Harrington from The Ruta Beggars

This workshop will cover the basics from positioning the left and right hands to backing up fiddle tunes. For all levels beyond beginner.

Old Time Banjo —  Howie Bursen

Three hours of banjo with one of the world’s best loved old time banjo players! Howie will teach a variety of right and left hand techniques, from simple to advanced, using a selection of great tunes. The class is for banjoists who already know at least basic clawhammer technique. There will be some tab and chords to take home, but the class will be taught by ear.

Bluegrass Banjo -- Trevin Nelson from The Ruta Beggars

For all levels beyond beginner, we’ll explore the ins and outs of playing 3-finger style bluegrass banjo.

Blues Harmonica —  Richard Sleigh

For those beyond the beginner level, we’ll look at techniques to take your playing to the next level, including tongue blocking, pucker style playing, note bending, octaves, chord effects, breath control, volume projection, and tone control. 

West African Percussion — Kelly Parker & Lori Russo

Come explore the culture, rhythms, and techniques of West African Drumming. Explore the role of the Djembe and DjunDjuns. Discover how each blend in a polyrythmic language. Djembes will be provided, or bring your own. For all levels of drummers, including beginners.